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Catherine M., Whistler, Canada
Yelp Review, 01/18/2021
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I was seriously injured in an accident on Hwy 17. More valuable that the settlement was being able to sleep at night knowing these two were helping me and looking out for my best interest.
Noelle B., Santa Cruz
Yelp Review, 9/9/2015
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I was getting bullied by the insurance people. This father and son team not only made sure I wasn't bullied any more, but they also got me the PT I needed and more. My case was certainly not a money maker for these guys, but they still gave me their best.
Marlene S., Freedom CA
Yelp Review, 04/06/2014
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Brad and Tyson are amazing. They were able to make us feel comfortable and feel like we truly picked the right people for the job.”
Wendy B., Capitola, CA
Yelp Review, 03/21/2015
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After they presented my case, I was awarded the maximum amount that was allowed. I can now move forward, leaving the accident behind me. I am grateful that my friend recommended them, and I highly recommend them to you!
Royal C., Salinas, CA
Yelp Review, 07/31/2019
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All these five-star reviews for Brad and Tyson are spot on. Knowledgeable, easy to get hold of, friendly, pleasant, highly experienced, I could go on and on. They do what they say they are going to do.
Adam N., Chico, CA
Yelp Review, 02/13/2019
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All I can say is WOW! Respectful, caring, helpful, intelligent, If I could give them 10 stars I would. I highly recommend them!

Real Results Aren't Measured in Dollars

They say money matters, and they are not wrong. But it’s the good that a monetary reward brings to our clients who have unjustly suffered harm that really matter. 

The rewards you see below paid for medical care, sustenance or shelter when there was none, but more importantly they brought back smiles and a chance for a new life when hope was lost. 

We are so grateful for the privilege we have to serve the Santa Cruz community and the good that we have brought to so many lives through the years. 


Severe Burn Injury

Commercial Establishment Unsafe Fire Pit


Auto vs. Auto Jury Verdict

Taxi cab runs red light


Auto vs. Garbage Truck

Garbage truck runs red light


Auto vs. Bicycle

Commercial vehicle, failed to yield causing facial injuries


Auto Accident

Freeway rear end accident requiring multiple surgeries


Auto Accident

Family settlements


Auto Passenger Claim

Passenger in vehicle severely injured going off a cliff


Auto Accident

Automobile accident settlement


MVA v Pedestrian

Young female hit in crosswalk


Dog Bite Injury

Off-leash dog causes serious injuries to woman in fall


Auto Accident

High speed Freeway roll-over accident

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Our Specialities

Because car accidents in Santa Cruz are a relatively common occurrence, most of us assume that the procedures for procuring and paying for medical care will be simple and taken care of by the other party’s insurance company. This is not the case. And this is why you may need a personal injury attorney to help. Read more…
If you have been in a bicycle accident, you are encouraged to consult with a Santa Cruz personal injury attorney who has a proven track record with bicycle injuries – even if you do not end up hiring one. Reason being, bicycle accident cases tend to be more complex than typical auto accident or pedestrian accident cases because the right-of-way is so often in question.

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Dog bites are by far the most common animal attacks in Santa Cruz County. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 4.7 million people are the victims of dog bites each year. This is because dogs are unpredictable. A pet that is submissive to its owner can be aggressive to others. Dogs that have never so much as growled at anyone can suddenly attack for no particular reason. But who’s at fault? And do you deserve compensation? A personal injury attorney can help you unravel the facts and get compensation when compensation is due.

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Handling motorcycle crash cases requires a particular knowledge of 2-wheel vehicle dynamics, as well as an awareness of societal prejudice against motorcycle riders. The personal injury attorneys here at Wiles & Wiles have the expertise you need if you’ve been injured in a big rig accident.

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Both drivers and pedestrians are required to follow the laws of the road and use reasonable care. In most cases, it may seem obvious who was careless or negligent, but the courts look at a number of factors when applying the facts of each case to the elements of a negligence claim. A personal injury attorney will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Read more…
Many of the major truck accidents throughout our country, and likely in Santa Cruz County too, involve truck drivers who have violated the sleep regulations. With the help of appropriate experts, violations that many attorneys normally might miss can be discovered, and these often can lead to large settlements. There is almost no such thing as a minor accident involving a big rig. Read more …
Wrongful death is simply a term in the legal world to designate a personal injury case that involves a fatality. The negligent party who caused a death is responsible for paying the damages to the decedent’s estate. The estate may consist of spouses, children and siblings. Read more…