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Accident Checklist

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If you have been injured in a car accident, here are things you should know.

There is a lot going on following an accident. The first and foremost thing to do is to make sure you are OK. Do not get out of your vehicle unless you are physically able to do so and that your vehicle is in a safe place. You will then need to deal with the other driver, witnesses, police and insurance companies.

The following information will greatly assist you in the event that you find yourself in one of these extremely stressful situations. This list is intended to provide you with a general check list of things to cover following an accident. This list is not completely exhaustive but will cover the most basic issues. And by all means, please read more about our car accident lawyer services and how we can help you get compensated for your injuries. 

Safety should be your first concern​

Follow these steps

Make a record

Call the police

Contact an attorney

It is very important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to be advised of your rights and obligations. An attorney will advise you as to what is appropriate to discuss with both your insurance carrier and the adverse insurance carrier. In most cases, it is better to have the attorney make all contacts for you to both insurance carriers in any accident situation. You should never agree to make a written or a recorded statement without being advised by an attorney.

Contact your own insurance company

You should always contact your own insurance company as soon as possible to advise them that you have been in an accident. The information that you have collected in the investigation of the incident will greatly assist them in facilitating their portion of your claim. Your insurance company will not assist in collecting your damages as caused by the responsible party. They will assist in the repair or replacement of your vehicle if you have collision coverage. When at all possible, you should try to contact and attorney before even speaking to your insurance company.

Contact the other driver’s insurance company

You should only give the other insurance company your basic insurance and drivers license information. It is a common practice for the other driver’s insurance company to insist on receiving a written or recorded statement shortly after the accident. You are not required to give a statement. Please remember that the other insurance adjuster knows the law and in most cases accident victims do not. When at all possible you should speak with an attorney prior to making contact with the other driver’s insurance company.


What are you legally responsible to do following an accident?